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Supporting our Governing Bodies

“strong governance is increasingly transforming schools and building effective partnerships”

Strong governance: learning from the best, Sir Michael Wilshaw Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education (HMCI), Children’s Services and Skills, 16 June 2012

“The role of the governing body is critical to the effectiveness of the school. Time and time again, Ofsted, the national inspection body for schools, has noted that effective leadership, including that by the governing body, is vital to the success of a school”

Welcome to Governance 2012-13 National Governors’ Association


As school governors, the dedication, energy and commitment that you bring to the role, as part of the strategic leadership of the school, is highly valued. In ensuring that all children and young people in our city have the very best opportunities to reach their full potential means that the governing body responsibilities are increasingly wide-ranging. However, you also tell us that making a difference to our pupils, and students, means the role of governor is also an immensely rewarding one.

Our Learning and Development Programme recognises both the diverse training needs of governors and the requirements of both local and national initiatives in education. We are committed to supporting governors in the pursuit of effective governance that helps to raise standards in schools. This coming year will be one of change, challenge and opportunity. The team looks forward to supporting you and working with your governing body to achieve effective governance across the city.

We aim through the Governors & Clerk’s’ Learning & Development Programme to:

  • assist governors to undertake their roles and responsibilities confidently and effectively
  • ensure that up to date information, guidance and training is available to all governors
  • enable governors to understand and develop their role in contributing effectively to raising standards of achievement in schools
  • disseminate information to governing bodies which is relevant and understandable
  • supporting governors to be prepared and adaptable during a time of significant change

We are aware that people like to learn in a range of ways, with different methods of delivery. Therefore the provision covers:

  • face-to-face training events
  • bespoke training for individual governing bodies
  • workshops/discussion groups
  • online training
  • Governor and Clerks’ meetings
  • Partnership/cluster working
  • City wide strategy events

Members of the team, including the associates who help to deliver the training programme, are all experts in their fields. Many have direct experience as governors, teachers or as clerks to governing bodies.

More information about our service can be found in our Service Level Agreement on the Wave for School at: > Schools > Services to Schools > Governor Support

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