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Brighton & Hove Governors’ Association

The Brighton & Hove Governors’ Association is an independent, non-party political body that aims to maximize the contribution made by school governors in advancing the quality of education and the wider interests of every child in the city. Membership of the Association is open to all governing bodies and governors in Brighton & Hove.

The association works in partnership with Governor Support to recruit and appoint governors to committees, working groups and appointment panels. This website acts as a conduit through which these appointees can feed back the results of their activities to all interested parties. The association also supports the termly Governance, Strategy & Partnership Meetings (GSP).

The association is affiliated to the National Governors’ Association (NGA). This connection ensures that the voice of governors in Brighton & Hove is heard at a local, regional and national level. For more information please visit the following web page:

Parent Governor Representatives

What does a parent governor representative do?

A parent governor representative (PGRs) will represent the views of all parents in the area of the local authority. He or she will attend local committees dealing with education and vote on all matters to do with schools and pupils. A parent governor representative will not represent the interest of any particular group, school or locality, or any party political interest. Parent governor representatives will find out the views of parents in their local authority area. They will keep parents informed about what issues the authority is discussing, and what decisions they have made or are planning.

We will be running an election for a second Parent Governor Representative in Autumn 2012. A parent governor representative is responsible for:

  • Keeping in touch with general views of parents.
  • Speaking for parents and pupils on education matters at local authority meetings.
  • Voting in key decisions.
  • Feeding back the local authority's discussions on education to parents.
  • Acting as a sounding board for the local authority when it wants to get a feel for whether parents are likely to welcome or reject a particular proposal.


Amanda Mortensen, Parent Governor Representative

Via the Governor Support Team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Schools Forum

What do Governor representatives on the Schools Forum do?

Content coming soon.

Learning Partnership Strategic Board

The Partnership Board has representatives from all phases of education across the City working together in partnership with the LA to offer high standards of education thus improving the life chances of individuals and to encourage lifelong learning.


Our provision will ensure a coherent and inclusive experience that makes learning personalised, irresistible, engaging and fun. To maximise the potential of every learner, each must thrive from relevant, motivating and exciting experiences that draw upon the uniqueness of our vibrant ‘city of opportunity’ by the sea.

We will encourage all to become confident, flexible, resilient and capable life-long learners and critical and reflective thinkers, empowered with essential knowledge, life skills, dispositions and technological capability necessary to participate as responsible citizens in the 21st century.

Together we:

  • Are passionately committed to changing learners’ lives and transforming their futures.
  • Believe that we have a collective responsibility for all learners in the City, not just those in our own organisations.
  • Believe that we are stronger together and can achieve more through joint practice development and partnership for the benefit of every learner in Brighton and Hove.
  • Pledge to lead our organisations collaboratively to achieve outstanding outcomes for all.


Chair Chris Thomson
Minute Secretary Tess Gill
City Centre Community Cluster Julie Aldous
Deans Community Cluster Liz Prior
Fiveways Community Cluster Marcelo Staricoff
Hove Community Cluster Janis Taylor
Portslade Community Cluster Andy Richbell
Preston/Patcham Community Cluster Gayle Adam
Whitehawk & Moulsecoomb Dennis O’Sullivan
Partnership for Leading on Learning Jonathan Cooper
Primary Phase Operational Board Debbie Crossingham
Primary Phase Operational Board Hilary Ferries
11-19 Operational Board Janet Felkin
11-19 Operational Board Phil Harland
Adult Learning Group Angela Pamely
Adult Learning Group Robyn Kohler
Special School Head Teacher Adrian Carver
University of Brighton Lorraine Harrison
University of Sussex Simon Thompson
Governor: Primary Phase Anne Cross
Governor: Secondary Phase Jenny Barnard-Langston
Governor: FE Phase Vacancy
Governor: Special School Karen Prout
CVSF Peter Sutcliffe
Local Authority Jo Lyons
Chair of Schools’ Forum Peter Freeman

SEN Partnership Board

What does the Governor representative on the SEN Partnership Board do?

Content coming soon.

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