BHGA Constitution


The organisation shall be known as the Brighton & Hove Governors’ Association.


The Brighton & Hove Governors Association is an independent, non-party political body which aims to maximise the contribution made by school governors to advance the quality of education and the interests of every child in the City.


Our aims are to:

  1. To promote and facilitate communication between governing bodies on matters of interest and concern to governors.
  2. To enable governors to be consulted at all stages in the formation of policies that may affect them and their schools.
  3. To provide a vehicle for expressing collective views of governing bodies and to make appropriate representations.
  4. To work in a spirit of partnership with the local authority.
  5. To represent Brighton & Hove Governors views nationally via affiliation to an appropriate national body, e.g. the National Governors' Association


Membership is open to all governing bodies and governors in Brighton & Hove.


  1. A subscription (amount to be determined at the AGM) will be requested annually from all schools.
  2. The steering group shall, as necessary, maintain a Bank/Building Society account in the name of the Brighton & Hove Governors Association. The Association is not permitted to hold any loans or overdraft.
  3. There shall be a minimum of two of the Steering Group signatories on the Association Accounts, one of which must be the treasurer.
  4. Accounts shall be audited annually and made available at the AGM or on request. The financial year shall run from 1 April to 31 March.
  5. A register of contributing governing bodies shall be held by the treasurer and may be inspected at the AGM or on request.


  1. There will normally be three Governors’ Association meetings per year in partnership with the LA. Special meetings may be called by the Steering Group or chair in exceptional circumstances.
  2. Each meeting is open to all governors.
  3. Each school shall have one vote. A decision will be taken by simple majority of schools’ voting.
  4. Minutes of any association meetings shall be approved by the chair for circulation to all governing bodies and Governor Support, as representatives of the LA.
  5. The AGM will form part of the first meeting of the school year. Notice of the AGM will be at least 14 days prior to the meeting.

Election of Steering Group

  1. Election of the steering group will take place every 2nd year at the AGM.
  2. All nominees must be serving governors.
  3. Election will be by nomination only.
  4. Nominations must be proposed and seconded by serving governors.
  5. Self nominations must be seconded by serving governors.
  6. Nominations should be submitted to the Steering Group clerk, at least 2 working days prior to the elections and should include a written statement of no more than 50 words.
  7. Where there are insufficient advance nominations, nominations will be taken at the AGM. If vacancies still exist after the AGM, the steering group shall seek to fill these places.
  8. Each school present at the meeting shall have one vote.
  9. In the event of there being more than one nomination for a vacancy, nominees shall leave the room during voting.
  10. Members must resign if they cease to be serving governors.

Steering Group

  1. The Steering Group will consist of 10 elected representatives but must include a minimum of 2 governors who are parents of children of compulsory school age and one representative of each from Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Special schools.
  2. At the first Steering Group meeting, terms of reference shall be agreed and reviewed at least annually.
  3. The term of office for Steering Group members is two years from the date of election.
  4. Members must stand down if their term of governorship ceases.
  5. The steering group must at the first meeting elect from its members:-
    • A Chair
    • A Vice Chair
    • A Treasurer
    • The term of office will be for two years.
  6. The Steering Group in partnership with Governor Support shall seek from all Brighton and Hove governors a representative for the:-
    • Admission Forum
    • Schools Forum
    • Any other working groups and committees as requested by the LA
  7. On matters requiring a vote, a quorum shall consist of 5 Steering Group members. In the event of a tie the chair, of if absent the vice chair or substitute, shall have an additional vote.
  8. Parent Governor Representatives have automatic co-opted places and full voting rights.
  9. LA officers shall attend Steering Group meetings for information and advice when invited, but have no voting rights.
  10. Steering Group meetings shall take place at least once per term.
  11. The steering group can co-opt members. Voting rights for co-opted members shall be at the discretion of the steering group.
  12. Confidential items should be respected as such by the Steering Group.

Removal of Steering Group Member

  1. Members will automatically be disqualified from membership if three consecutive meetings, of both Forum and Steering Group, are missed with unaccepted apologise.
  2. To remove a member of the Steering Group from office the chair must receive in writing the nature of the complaint for which removal is requested. The chair should endeavour to resolve the situation.
  3. Failing resolution the chair should form a complaints panel of three Steering Group members and a representative of Governor Support, as an impartial member, to investigate.
  4. The member for whom the complaint relates to should be notified in writing, the nature of the complaint, the date of the complaints panel meeting, and their right to be able to give verbal or written evidence at that meeting, and given 14 days to respond in writing.
  5. The complaints panel should meet with 7 days of receiving evidence.
  6. Should the panel not find the complaint upheld, the chair should write to both parties informing them of their decision.
  7. Should the complaint be upheld an appeals panel meeting should be called within 14 days of the original decision. All evidence should be given in writing and a vote taken. Membership being three members who did not sit on the complaints panel.
  8. Should the appeals panel members find the complaint upheld, the chair should write to both parties informing them of their decision.
  9. The appeals panel decision is final.
  10. The recordings of all events will be passed over to Governor Support.

Working Parties

The steering group shall set up working parties, as it considers appropriate. Membership and terms of reference will be agreed by the Steering Group.

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